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Costs & Customer Comments

  • The ultimate pamper treatment, with tremendous health benefits.
  • Every treatment aims to meet each clients' expectations and health needs.
  • Nicky likes to incorporate all the different techniques of massage and other therapies including reflexology and reiki to meet the clients overall holistic needs and to sort any problem and/or optimise clients health.

No Hands (TM) Massage

This is a fantastic technique that allows more of the clients body to be massaged at any one time, which in turn allows the thereapist to go in deeper, with less discomfort for the client with tired and tense muscles. This therefore encourages the release of tension and break down of adhesions ("knots") in clients' muscles much quicker. Nicky uses this in most of her massage based treatments, as offers such effective results.

Deep and Soft Tissue, Stress Busting Massage 

During this therapeutic treatment the therapist can:

  • help you release your tight, tired muscles with a deep-tissue massage;
  • work-out painful “knots” relieving your body both physically and mentally;
  • aid lymphatic drainage, which helps eliminate toxins and bacterial infections;
  • stimulate circulatory system, aiding in the nourishment of every tissue;
  • promote healing and a heightened sense of well-being.
  • Pre-natal Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage is also offered

Therapeutic Sports Massage 

This massage offers all the benefits of massage but can also:

  • aid in the recovery from injuries, including damage during sports
  • alleviate everyday aches, pains and muscle damage
  • relieve acute and chronic illnesses
  • benefit clients after vigorous exercise to reduce the tenderness the next day
  • encourage flexibility and mobility
  • prevent the build up of lactic acid
  • increase elasticity of muscle tissues to prevent injuries
  • Advice on after care is given to sustain the beneficial effects for longer.

Luxury Facials including acupressure and massage

This is a must treatment, not just for the ladies, but for men as well. The aim is to:

  • Massage those tense shoulders and neck muscles (Back massage can be added to this treatment)
  • relieve tension in your facial muscles
  • aid essential lymphatic drainage to help removed toxins and puffiness
  • improve elasticity and tone
  • stimulate blood flow and nutrients to skin and aid healing and cell regeneration
  • prevent wrinkle formation
  • carry out skin treatment relating to your individual skin diagnosis
  • maximise hydration
  • moisturise your skin to revive and brighten dull, tired complexions,
  • make skin look radiant and feel supple to the touch

Hand Relexology and massage and hand treatment is also linked to this facial treatment, relieving tired muscles and also releasing the "memory" of the body's tension, whilst benefitting from the reflexolgy itself and a hydrating moisturising treatment.