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In order to provide a complete holistic package, Nicky felt in order for her to help all her clients achieve their desired outcomes it was important to understand how their mind works so that she can help them focus and remove negative emotions and beliefs that hold them back from achieving their goals.

These processes help a person gain control of their emotions to achieve a positive emotional state which not only makes them feel better but also has a direct impact on their behaviour and therefore ability to succeed and achieve their goals.

It is a way of freeing the mind from anything negative that holds them back in life and causes them to feel they are unable to do what they want or feel the way they would like to be, and can be.

These coaching techniques do not require a client to divulge great detail about their problems, unlike many other psychotherapy treatments, which may make it easier for some people to cope with when tackling their problems.

These processes require the client and the coach to give 100%. They are to empower the client to achieve what they desire so long as no one else or thing is negatively affected and is a win-win for all parties involved. The coaches role is  to support the client and give the resources and advice and techniques to help fine tune their thought processes and emotional state so that the client can achieve their goals.

Clients may have a specific issue they would like to deal with or may require many problems to be dealt with that have been reinforced over a life time to help them become the person they would like to be, and can be and soon will be. These interventions are extremely effective and should only be taken on by people who really want to make a change and move forward with their lives and achieve the goals they desire.

Powerful processes with awe-inspiring results!!! Seeing the new, more confident, stronger, more motivated, and happier self emerge is a true honour in my position as a life coach when working with clients.

To those of you who I have been on that journey of change - continue to be the amazing person you want to be and are being and thank you for your hard work and I am priviledged that you shared your change with me. You truley are awesome!!!