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Reiki is a soothing, yet powerful, ancient form of natural healing that balances your body through your chakras, or energy centres.  Reiki healing takes place on any level: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, depending on your needs.

The reiki healer is the energy channel that helps remove potentially hazardous negativities, stresses and ailments, and instead allows positive energies to flow into you. This can help protect your physical and mental body from many problems. This holistic healing is carried out fully clothed whilst relaxing in comfortable surroundings; it gives your mind and body the tension release and healing it deserves.

In basic terms, reiki healing is similar in aim as acupuncture. They both work on energy lines running through the body, only acupuncture deals with those running close to the skins surface whilst reiki works on the deeper energy centres.

Reiki And Massage Combo  

This combination provides a special balance. Nicky reccommends this to maximise both the massage and reiki benefits, as they work well in tandem. 

Allow your mind to be set free from everyday stresses, whilst your body is pampered and rejuvinated. This Allows you to be ready to tackle whatever life throws at you with relative ease.


Reflexology is a well respected holistic treatment now being used in many medical settings. It aids:

  • recovery,
  • manages and treats certain health problems,
  • provides deep relaxation and
  • improves overall well-being.

This therapy has been well documented as being  introduced in the 1920's but dates back as far back as 2300BC by the Egyptians as a medical treatment.

The feet basically provide a map of our whole body, so working on the feet allows us to work on specific parts as well as the whole of the body. This helps bring our bodies' energies back into balance to optimise well-being and health.

Reflexology not only improves our physical health but it also helps our mental and emotional health by promoting relaxation, rejuvination, re-energisation, and helps to de-stress us in this manic world we live in.

Some people are nervous about their feet becoming ticklish, however the way this treatment is carried out desensitises this ticklish feeling immediately. So all that is needed is for you to lie back and enjoy this relaxing experience.