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Want the best for your baby? Interested in health for you, your family and weaning your baby? Confused about what information is correct and nervous about starting weaning? Then this advice is what you are looking for.

  • Nicky is a Registered Nutritionist who has worked in the area of children's health and nutrition for 10 years
  • Nicky now has a child and enjoyed developing her son's taste and health with a varied diet. Her son was eating an array of foods within weeks of weaning and now is a lover of food, just like his parents, enjoying curries, Thai food, Italian, Mexican, seafood and anything with taste!
  • Nicky's main aim is that children enjoy a wide variety of food with their family with minimal effort for the carer.

Topics can be tailored for each individual or group and can be include help on how to:

  • Optimise mum's health and energy levels whilst pregnant or breast feeding
  • Maximise your child's health now and help programme your babies genes through milk feeds and food so that they will be healthier later on in life - Amazing new evidence!!!
  • Decide on the beast weaning method for you and your baby - Summarise your options.
  • Practical tips on when and how to wean
  • Up to date research and evidence on nutrition and health recommendations; providing clarity to the confusion
  • Recipes and tips of how your baby can eat the same as you. No need too do separate meals for your baby and rest of your family

In addition to the weaning advice Nicky can help if you are having concerns with your child's eating and provide you with a report advising of changes you can make and thus allaying any fears you may have had. This can also include home visits to get clearer knowledge of your specific situation and baby's behaviour at meal times. 

Nicky has written many articles for NCT magazines, Baby London, Baby Hampshire, Baby Surrey, and others related to Weaning and Infant Nutrition; carried out Q&A sessions for a multimedia company called www.minisocial.com via facebook https://www.facebook.com/minisocial?fref=ts , which was a great success and many others.

Why not give Nicky a call on 01252 706995, 07795467090 or .uk to ask her about her one to one consultations, telephone advice and workshops she runs to help mum's deal with this tricky but important time or for nutrition advice over the phone contact Nicky by copying the following and pasting in your browser http://www.greatvine.com/browse-experts/?search_term=Nicky+Anstey